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Artis | 2 Day Intro to Rubber Technology

2 Day Introduction to Rubber Technology

Basic Rubber Technology Short-Course

The short-course is entitled “Basic Rubber Technology”. This short-course is suited for those working in the rubber and allied industries that are not directly involved with technical operations and therefore not fully acquainted with the science and technology of rubber processing and product design. Consequently, it is appropriate for those working in none-technical areas such as sales, costing, management, human resources and so forth. The course aims to provide a fundamental understanding of basic rubber technology as well as an appreciation of the terminology used within the industry.

This course is designed for people at all levels in the polymers industries who want an understanding of polymers and compounding ingredients. Participants will gain an understanding of the relationships between the properties of materials and applications. Develop your skills related to materials selection, processing, testing, applications and service life of products.

Bob Kind MIMMM, GPRI, Technical Director, Polymer Recyclers Ltd.
John Bowen MIMMM, BSc, Consultant, formerly Technical Manager, Robinson Bros Chemicals Ltd., UK

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Bob Kind

John Bowen


The lectures will cover the following aspects of rubber science and technology:

• Structure-property relationships of rubbers
• Structure-processing relationships of rubbers
• Properties and applications of general purpose rubbers
• Properties and applications of speciality rubbers
• Classification and role of additives in rubbers
• Vulcanisation and curing methods
• Mechanism of mixing
• Shaping processes (for instance, extrusion, calendering and so forth)
• Physical testing of rubbers

The workshops will comprise practical hands-on sessions on the following processes:

• Mixing
• Cure characterisation
• Moulding
• Physical testing 


The entire short-course will be delivered at the Avon Rubber site in Melksham



The short course is approved for professional development by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. At the end of the course participants will receive a “Certificate of Approval” for a course in “Basic Rubber Technology” issued under the aegis of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

 Course Dates

  • 25 & 26 September 2019