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Independent Rubber Consultants

Established in 2007, ARTIS provides research and development capabilities in a wide range of rubbers and polymers. We offer compound analysis, material testing and solution validation, as well as sour gas ageing facilities.  Our aim is to help worldwide industries better understand how materials perform in real applications and manufacturing processes.

Our polymer failure analysis service is supported by compounding and manufacturing facilities; physical testing to measure property performance, and thermal, environmental, and sour gas ageing capabilities for elastomers and other polymer materials, such as plastics, composites and adhesives. 

Our experts continue to deliver the depth and breadth of knowledge you would expect from an organisation with over 100 years of history with Avon Protection plc. Our extensive knowledge and innovative research into rubber recycling has delivered ground breaking solutions that broaden the markets for recycled products, as well as increasing the yields, quality and value of rubber pyrolysis processes.


Failure Analysis

artisweb failure analysis

Delivering commercially focused solutions that help you resolve and prevent failures experienced in real world application and manufacturing processes.

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Compound Analysis

artisweb compound development

Offering an extensive range of services to meet all your needs our elastomer compounding facility can compound and test a large number of materials.

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Material Testing

material testing

Providing a wide range of environments including thermal, fluid and sour gas; our experts can help you understand the material change over its lifetime.

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Research & Development

artisweb r d

ARTIS participate in research projects funded by UK and European Government, Education and the Private Sector as well as bespoke programmes to meet your specific research needs.

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artisweb training

We use our state of the art facilities to support your development.  Our small classes give you access to some of the best experts in the industry enhancing your learning experience.

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artisweb consultancy 185 x 185

We offer a range of consultancy services designed to aid our customers where necessary such as advice and guidance relating to UK, US or EU legislation, material selection, failure analysis and much more.

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