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Offering you Sour Gas ageing expertise to meet the needs of today's demaning environment 

Sour Gas Testing

Introduced in 2015 our demanding environment ageing facility allows us to offer a flexible service to meet your required test conditions including exposure to sour gas mixtures for oilfield applications. Our fully equipped analytical suite gives you the opportunity to better understand the resistance of materials in sour service conditions.

To complement our range of material compatibility assessment and environmental ageing, our demanding environment facility allows the testing of elastomeric and thermoplastic materials in highly corrosive, sour gas environments. Offering a flexible service to accommodate your desired conditions we can also offer the provision of bespoke gas mixtures and solvent types for use in specific programmes where required. In addition to physical property assessment our fully equipped analytical suite allows us to provide solutions to future material development and identify strategies that offer improved in-service life. Contact one of our experts now to discuss your needs today. 

Contact one of our experts now to discuss your needs today.



Offering extreme environment test facilities we currently have six autoclaves capable of withstanding solvent mixtures, sour gas, methane and carbon dioxide. Networked to allow external monitoring, with remote access and automatic shut-down on overpressure events.


• NORSOK M-710
• ISO 23936-1:2011
• ISO 23936-2:2011
• NACE TMO187-2011

Temperature Range

• Atmospheric to 110 bar

Pressure Range

• Atmospheric to 225°C

Gas Mixtures

• 2% H2S / 3% CO2 / 95% CH4
• 10% H2S/ 5% CO2 / 85% CH4
• 5% CO2 / 95% CH4
• Bespoke option

If you have bespoke requirements, please call one of our experts to discuss your precise needs.

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Dr Chris Norris

Chris was one of the key founders of the demanding environment facility and responsible for the safe running of the equipment and overall management of the analytical facility. Chris has published work enlightening the effects of these environments on seal materials.

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