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We optimise the value of your recycling processes through innovation and knowledge

Rubber Recycling

Our in-house equipment allows us to develop materials and processes on the benchtop helping clients optimise yields and develop novel recovery processes.

 As a key driver for growth, our aim is to use innovative technologies and material development to support the polymer recycling industry. Whether you need to improve your recycling process, properties for a specific application or develop materials with high recyclate content, we have the knowledge and expertise to make a difference to your business.

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Rubber Recycling Services

Crumb Analysis

As well as being able to benchmark competitor materials we have developed unique methods for crumb analysis to help provide innovative solutions to the recycling of rubber waste, including•Particle size distribution

• Particle surface structure
• Surface chemistry
• Particle surface area
• Composition


We have a deep understanding and experience in the evaluation of a wide range of fillers used in polymeric materials and elastomers. We have the equipment and methods to measure the chemical composition as well as the physical characteristics and colloidal properties to tell you all you need to know about the potential reinforcing capability and surface chemistry of your carbon. This knowledge will allow us to assess the efficacy of your process, the quality of your product and hence its value.

Process and improvement and optimization

Detailed knowledge of your process can be obtained by modelling the performance and using statistical experimentation to fully understand the performance windows. This in turn allows us to optimise the performance of your equipment and optimise your process for yield or quality or both.

We have a detailed knowledge of the end user requirements and we can ensure that your quality control systems and test regimes will deliver the consistency you need. We can also deliver the offline testing you will need to verify performance of the product.

End Use Recycled Material Development

From simple evaluation of mechanical properties to an extensive investigation of the fundamental interaction between recyclate and matrix, we can provide the information you need to successfully develop new “Green” materials for your application. We have lab equipment to produce any formulation you need and the contacts to take them to full scale production equipment and evaluation.

Using sophisticated experimental design methodologies we can optimise your formulation to create the required combination of properties and to map the performance envelope for sensitivity studies.

Applications Data Creation

Our understanding and extensive database of rubber formulations enables us to guide you as to the best applications to target to attract new customers and provide your sales team with the appropriate data to speak to your client in the right language.


At ARTIS we have:

• A fully equipped lab scale compounding facility
• Sample and small volume production capability
• Comprehensive analytical and microscopy lab
• Benchtop physical testing
• High capacity static and dynamic testing
• Access to production scale equipment 

  Our award winning experts and investment in technology can provide you with the solution you need to improve your recycling capacity. to learn more about the depth of our experience in materials with high recyclate content search our database.



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Martyn Bennett

Martyn has nearly 30 years in the business has been looking at recycled materials for over 15 of them. An expert in experimental design and optimisation for process and formulation Martyn has the knowledge to develop test regimes and methods to fully deliver an understanding of your product and process. Martyn has authored and co-authored trade and academic papers and presented at numerous national and international events. Winner of the IOM3 Hancock medal in 2016 for his services to the industry and co-author of the paper winning the IOM3 Alan Glanvill award in 2015.

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Dr Chris Norris

Chris began his rubber career in the carbon black industry with one of the major producers progressing to running the applications lab in their EU Central Labs. Chris has studied the pyrolysis process in great detail and developed many of the methods and techniques for assessing the quality and performance of recovered carbon. Chris is a member of the ASTM D24 subcommittee for recovered carbon and was lead author of the paper which won the IOM3 Alan Glanvill award in 2015. Chris too has also presented at many national and international events as well as publishing trade and academic papers.

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