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ARTIS | Chris Norris

Chris Norris - Analytical Services Manager

Chris heads up the analytical and demanding environment facilities at the ARTIS laboratories, with over 20 years experience gained through the carbon black industry as Rubber Applications Supervisor for Columbian Chemicals at their European Central Lab in Bristol. He brings detailed knowledge of both materials and analytical techniques applicable across industries from Automotive and pharmaceutical to defence and aerospace.

Chris has made major contributions to the fundamental knowledge of the behaviour of reclaimed fillers and the pyrolysis process and also has a track record for delivering fast and robust solutions to failure issues. This is achieved through detailed understanding of mechanisms of damage formation within polymeric materials and of the underlying chemical changes that lead to property modification. Chris is also keen to develop ageing regimes that better reflect the service environment of their products, with the goal of increasing compound durability and to generate more reliable lifetime predictions.

Chris has recently worked with a major offshore equipment supplier to analyse the failure of a marine product, re-formulate the material required, validate its performance against the previous issue in the lab and return the new formulation to the supplier with recommendations for full scale production. This will prevent premature breakdown of the equipment and subsequent return to base for repair at huge expense in downtime for the equipment and inconvenience in relocation.

Chris was the lead author of an award winning paper on recovered carbon and also contributes to the ASTM D24 committee on carbon black and has given many presentations at national and international conferences and events

Chris holds a first degree in ‘Applied Chemical Sciences’ from the University of the West of England where he was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry prize for the best degree result in the Bristol and District region. He was also awarded the IPTME departmental prize for “an excellent overall performance in an IPTME MSc programme" whilst gaining a Masters in ‘Materials for Industry’ during study at Loughborough University. Prior to joining ARTIS, Chris gained a PhD at the University of Bristol with his thesis entitled ‘Self-Healing Composites via a Bioinspired Vasculature’.

  “Chris was an outstanding PhD student. He required minimal supervision and his outputs were exemplary. Overall he produced five high quality journal papers plus an excellent PhD thesis, all within less than three years of study. His attitude to and ability in the development of science and technology is first rate. I would gladly have Chris back in my group anytime; he is an exceptionally talented scientist/engineer.”

Professor Ian Bond, Head of Queen's School of Engineering (Aerospace, Civil & Mechanical).

 “Chris is a conscientious, innovative worker with very good problem solving skills. I have collaborated with Chris on recent projects where he continues to add significant value through strategic thinking and a professional and organised approach to work.”

Mike Rowlinson, Director Mike Rowlinson Technology Limited.

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