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Our test reports give you more than a set of results, they give you our expert analysis to support your next steps

Material Testing

We can help you at any stage of the material testing life-cycle helping you to get the best results in the most cost effective way

We offer a comprehensive testing service for elastomeric and polymeric materials from standard testing conducted to the relevant international standards to bespoke custom test development to meet your specific requirements. We aim to deliver comprehensive results, in a timely manner at a competitive rate.



Standard test methods

We cover a wide range of elastomer and polymer test methods from density and hardness, through tensile properties and compression set, to low temperature brittleness, abrasion and many more. All testing is conducted to the relevant ISO, ASTM or DIN standard.

Environmental Evaluation

With our well-equipped environmental test facility we can determine how your material or product will survive in a wide range of environments

•Hot air ageing to determine upper service temperature
•Ageing in liquids to determine chemical resistance
•Accelerated outdoor exposure
•Ozone resistance
•Sour gas and other demanding environments

Specialist testing

In addition to our standard testing we also offer specialist testing for specific industries such as

•Total FDA extraction for food and drug application
•High severity abrasion for off road tyres
•High capacity product testing for the rail industry
•Dynamic fatigue testing

And we can develop specialist tests for your unique challenges. 







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Alison Jones

 Alison has over 20 years’ experience in testing polymers and is responsible for organising the maintenance of the test equipment and ensuring that the international standards are kept up to date.  Experts like Alison are very hard to come by and her knowledge is critical especially when dealing with non-standard test requirements and materials.

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