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We're here to help you get the materials you need for your business

Compound Development

Our experts are here to help you produce the premium products you need to excite your clients and give the performance required. Whether it's benchmarking your competition or developing from scratch we have the experience to give you the right materials for the job.

With history and experience in industries ranging from carbon black to pharmaceuticals across the oil & gas, defence, transport and recycling industries, we know what it takes to find you a solution. We can provide new formulations to meet a specification, produce small volumes of material or product or even simply analyse a sample to see how it performs during production and service.

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Formulation development

We can provide a detailed compound formulation that is yours to own and take to where you choose for production.  We can provide in depth evaluation to prove the mechanical and chemical properties of the final material and fine tune the recipe to meet a given specification.

Small scale production

If you only need a few kg of materials for your work we can deliver you the right amount of the new or existing material for trials so that you don't have to buy production quantities and dispose of the left overs!  We will even manufacture small runs of product if that is what you need.


We have on site:

• 1.6 litre fully instrumented internal mixer
• 60 cc fully instrumented Brabender torque rheometer with Z blade Mixer and extruder attachments
• 13” and 18” two roll mills
• 80 Tonne Double daylight rubber compression presses
• 20 Tonne Water cooled plastics compression press
• Mooney and MDR
• Capillary rheometer for high shear rubber flow assessment
• TMS rheometer for lower rates, extrudability, and mould sticking/fouling


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Paul Drake

Paul is our mixing and moulding expert and will mix any formulation to give optimised dispersion and properties. Paul has worked on various materials and develop methods for handling these to ensure material preparation is consistent. Paul has recently been looking at the incorporation of novel fillers into rubber compounds. 


Contact Paul now on +44 (0)1225 896 500 or send an enquiry