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Streching The Limits


ARTIS are a self-funding, independent consultancy engaged in delivering the very best expertise and facilities to support the use and future development of polymer products worldwide.

Our project engagements range from a few hours to several years and cover the spectrum of determining simple material properties, problem investigation, test development and full collaborative R&D funded projects. ARTIS is a trading brand of Avon Protection plc, independently of our holding company we are recognised as a world leading organisation offering extensive research and test facilities in our state of the art laboratories.

Our core strengths lie in the skills and experience of our people many of whom are award winning and accepted as leading industrial experts in their field. Working across the spectrum of industries that utilise rubber polymers as part of their process, end product or bi-product we are adept at problem solving and developing solutions to meet the exacting needs of the 21st century.

 Polymer Recycling

We understand the importance of polymer recycling both to the environment and as a driver for future business growth. We can support your recycling process development, property improvement for specific applications and development of materials with high recyclate content all aimed at optimising the yields from your processes. Our pyrolysis recycling services are proven to deliver solutions that improve yields, quality and value.

Analytical Services

Our laboratories are ideally suited to examine the chemical and physical properties of numerous materials and compounds. We offer complete compound composition analysis, regulatory compliance testing, contaminant and bloom identification and optical and scanning electron microscopy. Our recent investment in sour gas and high capacity test facilities allow us to fully quantify real world performance.

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Industrial Capabilities

There isn't an industry we cannot support. Whilst our pedigree was borne out of automotive and defence, we have turned our skills to meet the ever increasing demands of industry and legislation across all sectors. Working with worldwide organisations in both the public and private sectors we have helped to significantly improve the use of rubber compounds to improve productivity, increase profitability, protect employees and benefit the environment.