Physical Testing of Rubber

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ARTIS has facilities for a comprehensive range of standard tests for measuring the physical properties of rubber compounds. This includes a computer controlled tensile test machine with Laser measuring facilities. This can be used for testing stiffness and strength in tension, compression, shear or peel. It can also be adapted to carry out more specialised testing dedicated to a given customer or product.

Standard tensile and tear sample cutters and moulds for hardness, compression set, and resilience are available, alongside sheet preparation for more specialised testing.

Many basic physical properties need to be measured after ageing in various media at high or low temperature. This can be accommodated in a wide range of ozone cabinets, hot air ovens and chill cabinet which can be used in conjunction with pressure vessels to age at temperatures above the boiling point of liquid media. Using reflux condensing equipment it is also possible to age at the boiling point of the liquid, and we can age under UV light, temperature and humidity in our QUV accelerated weathering tester.



 Shore A Hardness        Hand held

 Shore A Hardness        Mounted

 Shore A Micro

 IRHD Wallace

 IRHD MicroHamden

 Precisa 125A Balance 125g – 4 decimal places with SG facility

 Sartorius LC2200 Balance

 Dunlop Tripsometer

 Hampden Resilience Tester

 2 x Lloyd LR5K Tensometers – 50 N, 500 N, 5kN

 Environmental Hot/Cold Box Conditioner Cabinet -80 to +200’C for tensometer

 3 x Thickness Gauges – 2 digital, 1 dial

 Sample Punches

 Wallace Stress Relaxometer

 10 X Ovens 40’c to 250’c

 2x Heraeus Air circulation drying ovens

 2 x ozone Cabinets (Static)

 1 x DSM – Electrochemical Degradation Kit

 2 x Brabolyser – Electrochemical Degradation Kits – 6 sample station

 Low Temperature  Brittle Impact Test

Low temperature - Temperature of Retraction

 Low Temperature Gehman

 1 x Muffle Furnace

 1 x Accelerated Weather Test – Q.U.V.

 Heraeus H0710 Programmable freezer/oven  -70 to + 200 °C

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