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Stretching the limits of rubber technology for over 100 years

Research and Development

With over 100 years of history in rubber development ARTIS has placed itself at the forefront of rubber research.  Now operating as an independent materials consultancy, you can benefit from this pedigree.

With a wealth of experience in undertaking innovative research and development projects, ranging from small individual programs for customers to large-scale multi-partner government-funded projects, we have the skills and expertise to construct and deliver material research to give our clients the answers they need.

The successful outcomes of these research projects relies heavily upon the breadth and depth of knowledge of polymeric materials within ARTIS and is supplemented by a wide-spread network of contacts across industry and academia. This enables key material developments to be identified and used to provide significant product benefits to our customers. In addition, our extensive analysis and testing facilities enable a fundamental understanding of material properties and performance to be built up and used to support our material development programs.

Key forms of Research and Development ARTIS undertake:

•Client collaboration R&D projects
•Goverment/NGO funded R&D projects
•Internally funded R&D projects
•Sponsorship of  PhD and final year degree projects

Current and recent R&D projects include:

• Breathable membranes
• Understanding the effects of sour gas ageing on the chemistry of rubber seals

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• Development of a condition monitoring technique for rubber mounts
• Recycling of rubber and other polymers
• Ageing of shock mounts in RN vessels 


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Martyn Bennett

Joined Avon Rubber in 1987 and formed ARTIS in 2007. As Chief Scientist he has extensive contacts in the academic world as well as government organisations and other research institutions. Martyn has the knowledge and experience to provide the right practical applications and extoll the project to industry in a way they understand. Martyn is extremely keen on recycling and has done much to make ARTIS a world leader in recycling technology and science working recently on several tyre recycling projects.

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