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ARTIS | Mark Smithson

Mark Smithson - Development Scientist


Mark has been with ARTIS since its creation in 2007 and prior to that was part of the material development team for Avon Rubber Plc. Mark joined Avon from the MOD scientific establishment and was initially involved in the protection group.

A mechanical engineer by training Mark has studied many aspects of bonding polymers and other substrates to each other and the detail of the preparation and fabrication techniques required to do this effectively. Mark also has detailed knowledge of test techniques, especially those more advanced capabilities such as dynamic and rheological characterisation.

Mark has expanded his skills gained with the initial work with Avon to include process based knowledge which he has recently used to develop novel methods of automated application of rubber compound to metal substrates for a large client working on materials processing.

He has worked on a variety of development and research projects from the development of new products to problem solving activities in a wide range of industries and applications covering process development and optimisation, material characterisation and material formulation. Over the years he has worked on projects ranging from multi-million dollar military applications, to more modest industrial and pharmaceutical technologies over a wide range of applications from sealing and other critical products to general rubber goods.

From a research perspective Mark is particularly interested in the use and characterisation of rubber in recycling activities including the interaction of rubber crumb with binder matrix systems and the characterisation and use of de-vulcanised elastomers in thermoplastic elastomer systems.

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