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ARTIS are an independent material consultancy specialising in the testing, analysis, development and recycling of rubber materials.  Whilst our expertise is in the rubber industry, having formed from the Research and Development department of Avon Rubber Plc, we also have the ability to test and develop a range of other materials.

Launched as an independent testing laboratory in 2007, ARTIS have a wide selection of equipment to enable an extensive range of rubber testing and analysis to be carried out.  A comprehensive knowledge of a range of rubber materials also enables the development of compounds for specific applications.

To discuss a specific requirement please use our contact us page or enquiries form, where one of our skilled engineers will be pleased to assist.

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ARTIS Presented at the Advanced Engineering show

automotive engineering at the open forum where we talked about some of the testing issues facing the industry when it comes to the incorporation of new materials in vehicle platforms. A copy of the presentation is available for download here and if there are any questions then please call or use the enquiry form 


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